Ta series    anthropomorphic

Anthropomorphisim refers to addition of human detail ls to anything non human- inanimate objects etc .

“Series Anthropomorphic” work plays with the tension of the intrinsic functionality of ceramics, and that of ​ idea of​ objet d’art  and teases the viewer to see these objects as functional tableware, while in reality, they might be something much more fantastical .

We see Tableware that comes to life as each cup, jug, or bowl with their various physical have their own unique personality, Jugs are holding curious black briefcases predicting a deal or an exchange of some sort, a tall bottle is a plump woman in a red saree, some cups are obviously pulling faces at the viewers, with their tongues hanging out, bowls have legs attached and seem to be marching purposefully, two tea cups seem plotting against a gently perspiring bowl.

You can read the detailed write up on this body of work here on the word press blog  :